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Getting over your smartphone addiction can be overwhelming. From the day we become the proud owners of this modern-day gadget, it becomes an integral part of our life and it feels taxing to simply stay away from it (wait, let me text my friend). Besides sending emails, texting people or making phone calls, a smartphone can entertain you in a variety of ways and you often find yourself looking at the blank screen even without any reason. Inevitably, there’s now an app called BreakFree for Android that aims to reduce this addiction by giving you constant feedback on exactly how much and how often you’re hooked to your device. It tracks things like how many times you unlocked the screen, your overall phone usage and which apps grab most of your attention.

Essentially, the app is like putting your device on airplane mode, preventing you from getting distracted by it as much as possible. Sporting a decent design, the UI of BreakFree carries your addiction score which is split into three zones; 0-40 is the green zone which means you’re not that addicted to your device, while anything between 40-70 indicates modest phone usage. If you score above 70 though, then you really need to kick your smartphone addiction to the curb.

BreakFree_Score  BreakFree_Tools

Apart from just tracking your usage, it also actually helps you use your device less. For example, there’s a tools menu which allows you to mute certain things like disabling notifications or sounds or the internet, and auto-rejecting calls. If you use the latter option, you can also set custom text for an auto-responder SMS to be sent to the recipient.

The app also lets you know your smartphone usage over the week and month by plotting it on the bar chart. Furthermore, it can track stats for each app separately how many seconds your spent on WhasApp or how often you open the Facebook app. This feature is only unlocked in the paid variant though.

BreakFree_Score Weekly  BreakFree_App Usage

Navigating further to the right brings up the achievements section which helps you stay motivated by unlocking rewards. BreakFree also carries a Settings screen which lets you toggle a set of options according to your preferences such as persistent app notification on status bar, and ability to disable track app usage.

BreakFree_Achivements  BreakFree_Settings

The free version of BreakFree has in-app ads though you can get rid of them via premium upgrade which offers further perks. BreakFree can be grabbed for free from Google Play.

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