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The exponential growth in the web during the last couple of decades has seen tremendous changes to the web browsing software like Firefox and Opera as well. These two major web browsers have evolved a lot during the years. And although I mostly use Firefox, there are a few noteworthy elements in Opera that I wish Mozilla would borrow from. One such is the go back to start button that lets you swiftly return to the main page of a website where you entered it in the first place. Firefox does have a back button but it doesn’t function in a similar way as Opera’s back button does. If you don’t mind using third-party add ons then the small extension called Back to Start can help overcome this nuisance by adding a back to start button on the toolbar.

Back to Start __ Add-ons for Firefox

If you’re wondering how it works, lets say you enter and start off with the Windows section, then move between Web, iOS, Android and so on. Now whenever you need to return to the Windows section again, you can simply click back to start button and you will be there in no time, simple as that. The add-on sports a lightweight design and you can move it anywhere on the toolbar.

The no-restart add-on can be downloaded from Mozilla’s Add-ons library, and after installation, a double-arrow button will be added near the address bar. Since Firefox allows you to customize toolbar icons, you can easily move it to the left side near the default back button if you wish. It works separately for each tab you open in Firefox, which means it saves the browsing session and lets you move back to pages only within the tab you have currently opened.

Back to Start __ After

It should be noted that the add-on only works for the currently active websites only within the same tab. This means that when you click a link on a website that leads to external page, clicking Back to Start from there will only take you back to the beginning of the new website and not to the previous one. This can come in handy if you want to jump back only within the main pages of different websites.

Install Back To Start for Firefox

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