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Next Episode for Windows Phone 7 has had us impressed ever since we started using it. Not only does the app have a really cool design, the concept behind it makes it extremely useful as well. We all have one or more favorite TV shows for which we wait the whole week, and it really is annoying when the whole wait proves to be in vain, and it turns out that the broadcasting company has cancelled the show. Using Next Episode for Windows Phone Mango, not only can you find out when your favorite show’s next episode will be aired, but view detailed information about it as well.

Next Episode Upcoming  Next Episode Recent  Next Episode Not Airing

The first thing you have to do to get things started with the app is to add all your favorite shows to it. You can do so using the app’s Search option. Just key in the show’s name, and from the presented results, select the one you were looking for. This will add the show to the app’s homescreen and all its future episodes will show up on its built-in calendar. Next Episode has unique descriptions not only for all the shows it lists, but also for each episode. Not just that, you can view each show’s history and pages dedicated for each cast member.

Next Episode Calendar  Next Episode List

The Not Airing menu lists all such added shows that are taking a season break or have been taken off air for good. Next Episode will tell you the date of the next available installment of each added show, displaying a countdown to it.

Next Episode is available for free. You can download it directly from the Web Marketplace link provided below.

Download Next Episode

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