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Location-based social networking is a budding field of development, especially for iOS. Many of the apps present in App Store let users suggest places like restaurants, parks, shopping malls etc, to their friends. However, most of these apps are all about sharing information, and it can be rather difficult to keep your data private. What if you want to keep a record (for your own use) of places you like, or visit often? Now, there’s an app for that. Using Everplaces for iPhone, you can add places to your personal list, along with their details, and if you want, you can share some of the entries over Facebook or Twitter, too.

Everplaces iOS  Everplaces iOS Map

The first thing that should be mentioned about Everplaces is that the app is still in beta, and hence, is invite-only for now. After installing the app, you need to email the Everplaces team and request an invitation. While this might seem like going through too much trouble for one app, in our experience, the team gets back to you in less than 24 hours, and then you can easily sign up. After you have an Everplaces account, you can start logging data, starting from the location you are currently at. The map on the page will pinpoint your present coordinates, and you are free to add a name to that location. You can also tag any other location by unchecking the “Use My Current Location” option, and then navigating to the desired destination on the map.

Everplaces iOS Categories  Everplaces iOS Saved Place

Everplaces has a number of categories, ranging from Nature to Work. If you don’t find an appropriate one, there is the option of choosing Random. You can also create Tags, which will help you identify and sort places. After an entry has been created, you can also get Directions to it, and Share options are pretty good, as well. Although this is not a social network, and you don’t get to broadcast your saved places to your contacts, you can still share individual places via email or through your social networks. After you have created a log of the places of your choice, you can browse through your collection category-wise, or based on the tags that were created.

Everplaces will let you keep your place log personal, and even in the Nearby section, only those places will show up that you tagged or saved yourself. Everplaces is a free app, and you can get it at the iTunes link below, if you have the patience of waiting for the developer’s invite, that is.

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