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The great bit about having a social network that reaches over a billion people every month is that you can find all kinds of interesting information using data users share. That’s right, I’m referring to none other than Facebook, besides sharing bathroom selfies, Facebook is an awesome place to effectively promote your business in many powerful ways, one of which is the ability to attach the physical address of its location. Many pages we like on Facebook may have a physical address, but Facebook doesn’t offer a way to locate them using an interactive map of sorts. That’s why when I tried Like Map, a web app that enables you to find your liked pages or search for new ones using Google Maps API, I was instantly in love. Not only does this let you use Facebook as something like the yellow pages for finding an address, but it also makes it very easy to find other places close to the ones you’ve already visited.

You can take Like Map as an added luxury that may not necessarily be needed but provides a simple way to revisit your Likes that have actual location information with them, or in case you just don’t quite fancy Facebook’s default search then it’s a handy alternative to use. The app also has a good and easily understandable interface. Here’s how it works.

After visiting Like Map, you can click on the large blue ‘Connect And Go’ button to get started. The app will connect with your Facebook account.  Make sure to click ‘Okay’ on the confirmation box which prompts about letting Like Map access your profile information.

Like Map

You’re then presented with the main map area, which automatically scans all your Facebook likes and plots them on the map. The map interface also carries a search box that lets you manually find additional pages that carry a physical address.

Like Map Likes

The map can be easily zoomed in and out, of course, and you may freely navigate around and explore pages that you liked from different parts of the world. Upon clicking on a like button, Like Map shows its location information and also lets you visit the respective Facebook page directly by clicking it.

Like Map More Info

As mentioned earlier, you can easily search new pages via the integrated search bar, which to be quite honest, I found fairly fast and functional. The search box is powered by Google Search engine which simply implies that indexing works at breakneck speed. That said, when you click a link, the web app shows its location right away, along with other relevant info.

Like Map_Search

All in all, a small and functional application that help you find location information of Facebook business pages.

Visit Like Map

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