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Many temporary files containing data of your online activity can end up compromising your privacy. This includes anything from tracking cookies to application data that contains information regarding your system activity. Such vulnerabilities can easily be exploited by hackers and malware to steal your passwords and other sensitive information. Wipe is an easy to use trace eraser for quickly wiping out tracks of your online activity. The data deletion process not just deletes, but shreds, all sensitive data, making it unrecoverable for malicious agents.

Once the application is launched, it provides you with the two methods of erasing your data, i.e., general or advanced mode. The “Delete tracks and garbage” mode is the generic one, which delivers automatic deletion of online activity, whereas you can choose precise type of files to delete by using the “Advanced Cleaning Mode.” After selecting a desired method, click Continue to proceed further.


If you choose the advanced mode, you will be provided with a list to select items to add/remove from the trace erasing process. For example, you can clear clipboard, FTP account cache, Run (MRU) list, temporary internet files, recent documents and lists, game statistics, prefetch files, desktop thumbnail cache and much more. Provision of such advanced options makes Wipe more comprehensive than other applications of its kind, such as Browser Cleaner.


Click Delete to start deleting the selected files. Wipe is not a new application, but a new version (Wipe 2012) has recently been released with advanced features.


Before deleting files, you can click Settings and configure Wipe to start with system start up, enable automatic closure of programs during cleaning process, set page file memory to be purged at system shutdown etc. Some of the options available in Settings are not available in the free version, but you can register with Wipe any time and pay $12.95 to acquire additional features, which include the utility to set a custom trace erasing algorithm.


It must be noted that the free version of Wipe is ad-supported, attempts to install a toolbar and provides a registration option to buy the paid version. However, you can easily avoid this by unchecking the installation of the toolbar and skipping other ads. Wipe works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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