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Considering that Android has now become the most popular mobile platform on the planet, it’s no surprise that the Google Play Store now carries a huge selection of games. As one of those non-paid downloadable games designed to make use of Android’s impressive capabilities, 15 Coins is a fun-loaded arcade game that makes a lasting impression with its creative design and gameplay. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still kind of like Snake from those classic Nokia phones, but with a few extra layers of depth to the mix. That said, instead of chasing a donut, in 15 Coins, the player has to collect 15 coins while dodging clones. Is it as fun as it says on paper? Let’s find out!

15 Coins_Main  15 Coins_Control Type

After launching the game, the first thing you will probably notice is how simple it looks. From its landing screen to the actual gameplay, everything seems elegant and minimal. 15 Coins lets you choose among three difficultly settings; Easy, Medium and Hard. The lowest setting offers a reasonable gameplay for the novice among us, while Medium is fast enough to offer a challenging experience to anyone who occasionally tries arcade games. But it’s the game’s Hard setting where things get ridiculously unmerciful.

After specifying difficulty level, you also need to choose the control type of your choice between Tilt or Touch. Although I found the Touch type to be more effective, both of control schemes provide a solid gaming experience once you get the hang it.

The basic gameplay mechanic of 15 Coins comprise of collecting a total of 15 coins as quickly as you can. Although, you’re not given any time limit of sorts, the faster you collect the coins the less you will need to avoid those lethal clones.

The players gets to control a small ship that’s always floating forward and all you they need is move it left and right to avoid clones and collect coins. These tiny, circular coins that you need to collect randomly appear in the playing area. These clones, which are basically the black versions of the ship controlled by yourself, are the enemies of course, and are very lethal when touched.

15 Coins_Gamplay 1  15 Coins_Gamplay 2

In case you come into contact with an opposing ship, your ship is destroyed and you can hit ‘Try again’ to retry the whole level.

You are also occasionally given power-ups, which, when collected, freeze the opposing fleet for a short period, and when in frozen state, you can easily destroy them by hitting them with your own ship. Another weapon at your disposal is that the playing field has no borders, which means exiting through one end of the screen makes you appear to the opposing side.

15 Coins_Gamplay 3  15 Coins_Try Again  15 Coins_Settings

To sum things up, 15 Coins is not an easy game to get through, even in its Easy difficulty mode, the game is pretty tough to play. But if you like games that offer reasonable challenge, this pint-sized download is worth giving a shot.

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