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After months of speculation and teasing, Dropbox has finally launched its popular Mailbox email client for the Android operating system. Originally designed for iOS, Mailbox was added to Dropbox’s ever-lucrative portfolio back in 2013 when the cloud company acquired it for no less than $100 million. Since then Dropbox had bee working on its Android version which has now finally released on Google Play as a free download. It seems the wait was worth it though, because instead of a straightforward iOS port, the Android variant rather includes some really handy features, the most noteworthy of which we found is ‘Auto-swipe’ that not only enables you to archive unwanted emails with a simple swipe gesture, but also automatically archive similar messages you receive in future. Read on for our full hands on review.

The original Mailbox for iOS introduced a variety of email management features that made it an instant success, and thankfully, the Android version carries all those. When you launch Mailbox, it immediately prompts you to sign in to your Dropbox account, and once that is done, you can log in to your Gmail or iCloud account to get started. Yahoo or Outlook users may need to wait for a little while until Dropbox adds support for these two in future updates.

After a little synchronization with your Dropbox account and an introductory wizard that guides you on the app’s gesture features (more on that latter), you’re taken to your inbox. Mailbox for Android supports a good looking interface. It’s quite minimalistic, but minimalistic at its best perhaps. The navigation buttons are at the top for instant access and swiping down refreshes the list. That said, if you’re familiar with the Gmail app on your Android then you won’t have a hard time adapting to Mailbox.

Mailbox_Dropbox  Mailbox_Sign in  Mailbox_Main

Likewise, when you open the message, you can quickly reply to it, forward it as well as archive or delete the message without any hassle.

Mailbox’s key feature is its various swipe gesture controls that help you easily organize your mails; these are the swipe right, long swipe right, swipe left and long swipe left. The difference between simple and long swipes is that both perform a different action. For instance, swiping on a message half way to the right archives it while swiping all the way the right sends it to trash. Archiving can help you avoid spammy emails. When you archive a message, Mailbox’s Auto-swipe feature kicks in, which allows it to learn patterns about what you don’t want to see and automatically avoids notifying you about those mails in future.

Mailbox_Read  Mailbox_Archive  Mailbox_Trash

Similarly, half swipe to the left side lets you add that email to your ‘Read Later’ list. You can choose the time when you want to read it though, for instance, later today, tomorrow or in the evening, among other choices. When you tap an email and swipe it all the way the left, the effect is different altogether; it enables you to add that message to custom lists (To Read, To Buy or To Watch). Custom lists of your choice can be easily created from the app’s preferences screen.

Mailbox_Read Later  Mailbox_Read When  Mailbox_List

Mailbox lets you navigate to different areas, such as archive list, trash, sent an to read lists from the navigation drawer. It boasts super fast search functionality which allows you to quickly find a particular email by address, name, subject or other similar keyword.

Mailbox_Choose list  Mailbox_Sidemenu  Mailbox_Search

Overall, Mailbox for Android is a brilliant email client that offers a ton of features and eye-candy UI. Dropbox is also working on a desktop version which the company plans to launch in the coming weeks.

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