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Previously, we covered AeroSnap-based desktop window management applications such as reSizer and GridMove, which let you resize the active desktop windows to make full use of the available screen space. These applications allow you to resize windows either by using hotkeys, or by dragging windows to the side of your screen, but wouldn’t it be easier if an application can resize and adjust your desktop windows for you automatically? Plumb does exactly that. It is an application that arranges the desktop windows automatically as you open them, based on a pre-defined criteria. You can choose to resize already open neighbor windows, enable mouse swap, maximize single window and select horizontal or vertical split mode between two windows. More to follow after the break.

After installation, Plumb will run quietly in the system tray. Right-click its system tray icon and select Properties to access the options dialog box.

Plumb system tray

The options dialog box has General, Tiling, Autotile Options, Window Selection and Advanced tabs available. General tab has options to enable and disable basic functions of the application such as Autotile and Start Automatically. The Tiling tab has tiling options to define desktop window arrangement behavior, and AutotileOptions include MaximumTiles and MinimizeExtras. The Windows Selection tab lets you include and exclude windows from the Autotiling function, while Advanced tab sports beta features such as Remember Window Position and Restore Minimized.

Plumb Options

Once everything is defined, Plumb automatically adjusts desktop window’s positions and sizes without manually dragging windows on the screen.


Plumb works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Plumb

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