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Previously, we reviewed dtouch, an application that let you add and subtract time from the time stamps of files and folders, but it was limited in the sense that you could not define a particular time and date to the files. NewFileTime is a portable application that takes care of this problem, and lets you change time stamps for any file or folder. The application allows you to modifyDate Modified, Date Created and Date Accessed time stamps of multiple files and folders in one go. You can either set a specific time, or add and delete pre-specified time from the current time stamps.

Multiple files and folders can be added by dragging and dropping them into the main interface of NewFileTime. Once files are added, set the date and time under New Folder & File Time for Date Modified, Date Created and Date Accessed time stamps. After all settings are done, click Set-Time button available to the left to change the time stamps of selected files.

NewFileTime 1.44

If you want to export the files’ time stamp list in TXT format, or copy them to the clipboard, click =>txt<= button and select Export. You can later import the files in the same way if you need to change time stamps of the same set of files. In the Import/Export window, click Export and select to File to save the list.


Other than specifying a particular time, NewFileTime allows you to add and subtract time and days from the existing time stamps. Select be older tab at the top to add time, and be younger tab to subtract time from the current time stamps of files and folders.

NewFileTime 1.44 Add Time

NewFileTime Works on all versions of Windows.

Download NewFileTime

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