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Google Keep received an update and brought three noteworthy features to the note taking app and a UI tweak. The first and possibly our personal favorite of the new feature is the transcribe text option. When your note consists of only a picture, such as that of a book, you can have Google Keep transcribe the text for you. This is standard OCR but it is very useful for those of us who take pictures of written instructions. Second; Google Keep has introduced a trash bin for notes and lists that you delete, Once a note is deleted, it stays in the trash bin for 7 days before being deleted permanently. You can manually empty the trash any time you want. Third we have list settings that let you decide where the next item in a list goes (relative to the last one you just added) and where checked items should be shown. These features are available on both the web and the Android app. The update is being rolled out slowly but here’s how each of the features work.


Transcribe Text

Create a new note by taking a picture of something with printed text. You can try this out with a book for best results. Once you’ve taken the picture, tap the options button on the action bar and a drop-down will open with a new ‘Transcribe Text’ option added to it. Tap it and wait for Google Keep to do its work. The text will be added to the note. It is worth mentioning that Google Keep seems to be doing more than just simple character recognition; it’s also trying to guess the word and when an unconventional (read: probably not in a dictionary) word comes up, it might add an extra space or two. A simple example of this in action can be seen below. ‘Silmarillion’ isn’t exactly a word so Google Keep changed it to Silma Rillion.

transcribe textimage text

To transcribe text from the web, click the options button with the note open and select ‘Transcribe Text’

transcribe text

List Settings

Open an existing list or create a new one and tap the options button on the Action bar. Select List settings from the drop-down and then choose how you want new items and checked items on your list to be placed, relative to the list.

access list settingslist settings

To access list settings on the web, click the options button with a list open and click ‘List settings’ from the drop-down.

list settings


Open the navigation drawer and you will see a new tab; Trash. Delete a note and then visit this tab. You can tap the options button in the Action Bar and empty the trash. Open a note and tap Restore to move it back to the Notes tab or tap the options button in the Action Bar to permanently delete the note.

trashrestore note

You can access the trash from the side panel on Google Keep for web. Select the note you want to restore and click ‘Restore’ in the drop-down that opens under more options.


UI Changes

The top bar is now Google Keep’s signature yellow and it changes colors to reflect the color coding you’ve applied to your notes.

The update isn’t available to everyone just yet so some of you might have to wait. The roll-out is likely a regional thing but it should arrive for everyone in a week. For those of you who can now use the new features, let us know how you like them in the comments.

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