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HTC might have raced ahead in the Windows Phone 7 device market with Titan and Radar, but on the apps front, Samsung remains the most active developer for WP7. As we said in our reviews of FunShot and Wireless Manager, Samsung Zone is getting updates and new apps pretty regularly these days. People had started to accuse Samsung of ignoring their first generation WP7 devices, and to counter those allegations, the developers over at Samsung have come up with Extra Settings. This is an app that, once downloaded, will disappear from your app list and make additions to the Settings menu. So what are the new settings brought by this app? Read on to find out.

Samsung Omnia 7 Before you get too excited, note that Extra Settings does not bring internet sharing or anything as major as that. You are just going to get two new settings on your Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus. The first setting is Auto Display Intensity. If you prefer applying light backgrounds to your WP7 display, then you must have noticed that even the lowest intensity level proves to be too much; the brightness of lighter colors hurts the eyes, especially in a dark environment. This setting counters that situation. If you enable Auto Display Intensity, it will take control of your phone’s brightness intensity as soon as you switch over to the Light background setting. This means that the light intensity on your device’s screen will be lower than usual, but not too low to, say, read text or view pictures.

The other setting is named Key Vibration Feedback, and it is supposed to turn off the vibration effect which occurs every time you touch the Back and Search capacitive buttons of your device. We say “supposed to,” because it does no such thing (we we tested the feature ourselves on Omnia 7, and other users have reported this issue as well). It’s a shame, really, as there might be quite a few users out there who’d prefer not having the device vibrate each time a capacitive button is tapped.

Extra Settings is an app clearly in need of a speedy update, and not just to fix the key vibrate issue, but also to bring a few additional options to first generation WP7 devices. If you are interested in getting the app, all you have to do is search the Marketplace from within your Samsung Windows Phone. The app is available for free, of course.

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