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Back in 2010, we covered a batch image converter named Photo Magician, which could be used to apply multiple predefined configuration profiles, based on resolution and device, to the image conversion process. This application was limited in the sense that you could not save custom configuration profiles. ImBatch is a batch image resizing and renaming application that lets you create and save multiple conversion tasks. You can define the Width, Height, DPI, File Name, File Type, Folder etc. of a conversion task, and save it to use it later on another batch of images. ImBatch can handle a massive number of image formats such has BMP, PNG, RLE, TIF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG etc.

The interface has Run batch image process, Save tasks to file and Load tasks to file buttons at the top left side, while Add new images, Remove selected images and Remove all images buttons below it. The Add Task, Delete Selected Task and Remove All Tasks buttons are available at the right side.

To add images for conversion, just drag and drop them over the main interface of ImBatch.


To add a task, click Add Task button and choose Resize or Save as task from the drop down menu. The application allows you to run multiple tasks at a time on one batch of images. Resize allows you to adjust Width, Height, DPI and Filter of Images, while Save as allows you to choose the post-process File Name, File Type and Output Folder. Once all settings are configured, click Save Task to save the current task settings. You can later use these settings on another batch of images by loading them from Load Task.


ImBatch works on all versions of Windows.

Download ImBatch

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