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Ziepod is a podcasting client for managing, downloading and playing podcasts. You can add audio and video podcasts from a number of feeds, and even search for new podcast episodes. Ziepod helps you maintain your podcast directory by allowing you to define what items should be deleted after a specified period of time. You can make Ziepod assign values to help you identify playing items in such a way that you can avoid meaningless titles. This is because ID3 Tags provide extra information embedded inside MP3 files, which is detected by your MP3 player to show the title of playing items. You can also use Ziepod to add podcast episodes to your iPod device without using iTunes.

You can add podcast feeds by clicking the Add button from the top of the interface. From here, you can also add folders, dynamic OPML files and feeds from a Bloglines account.

Add Podcast

To subscribe to a podcast, add the feed URL and click Finish. You can also click check at option to locate relevant feeds from the said service.


You may organize your subscribed feeds by creating numerous folders, and instantly play a podcast within Ziepod.


To download a feed, click the Download button from top of the interface. All downloaded podcasts are saved (by default) at: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Ziepod Downloads.


You can mark podcasts as played/unplayed, play all/new episodes, add all episodes to a playlist, create a new playlist, download new episodes from a feed, delete feed items, run post sweeper to remove unwanted items and export downloaded episodes from Options.


Despite being a useful podcast client, Ziepod has a few limitations, as it has a free and paid version. The free version does not allow playing and managing video feeds, and is limited to audio content. This greatly reduces its functionality as compared to other podcasting clients such as gPoddy and BlizzTV.

Ziepod works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ziepod

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