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Tab Mix Plus is a Firefoxadd-on that enhances your browsing experience by letting you customize tabs. It features a large number of options, such as tab duplication, reloading, closing, renaming, merging, focus, undo closed tabs and much more. Furthermore, you can use your scroll wheel to browse tabs or control tab switching. There is even an option that prevents annoying blank tabs when you download files. In addition to that, it also shows warning messages when you are about to close a tab or window. The add-on does not only improve the browser’s tab capabilities, but also features its own robust session manager with crash recovery.

The add-on has five main options, namely Links, Events, Display, Mouse, Menu and Session, each with its own large set of preferences. The Links category allows you to open those links in new tabs that usually open in a new window. You can also opens pop-ups in tabs, and prevent blank tabs when downloading files.

Next, the Events category has five more options, including New TabsTab Opening, Tab Closing, Tab Merging and Tab Features. The New Tabs option lets you focus content and open new or other tabs next to current one. In addition to that, you can also change the opening order of tabs, open duplicated tabs next to original tab and lock tabs. The Tab Opening option allows you to open tabs from Bookmarks, History, Search bar and so on.

Display offers multiple options to control and change the display settings for tabs.


The Mouse category allows users to change settings for Mouse Gestures and Mouse Clicking. With the Mouse Gesture options, users can scroll and select tabs in different ways, whereas the Mouse Clicking option allows you to choose commands on Double Click, Middle Click, Ctrl-click, Shift-click and Alt-click.


Use the Menu options to customize the Tab Context Menu, Main Context Menu and Tools Menu. You can show New tab, Merge Windows, Close Tabs List, Undo Close Tab etc options in the tab’s context menu. Similarly, you can add multiple options to the main context and tools menu.

Menu (2)

Once you’ve applied the options, you will be able to see them in the context menu and main menu.


This is a very handy add-on, especially for regular users of Firefox, letting you manipulate tabs the way you want. Install the add-on from the link given below and gain total control over your Firefox tabs.

Install Tab Mix Plus Add-On For Firefox

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