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Compact discs haven’t died yet and the iTunes store will probably live on, but lately the massive popularity of music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio and Rdio have ignited a new interest in audiophiles. The latest to enter the arena is Milk Music by Samsung. It’s available as an Android app on the Google Play Store, aimed at the company’s Galaxy smartphone lineup and only available in the US as of this writing. Milk Music will let you stream from a gargantuan library of 13 million songs and over 200 different radio stations.

This isn’t the first time the world’s largest smartphones manufacturer has entered the music streaming business. Milk Music is actually an incarnation of Samsung’s own Music Hub app, which launched with the Galaxy S series of products. Though, due to lukewarm support, the company has now shut it down and replaced it with Milk.

Milk Music_Main  Milk Music_Fine Tune  Milk Music_Side menu

The interface of Milk Music comprises a simple dial that you can use to quickly tune into radio stations from different music genres, which include Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic etc. The same dial can be used to stream music that’s currently popular by moving it to ‘Spotlight’.

Users are also allowed to add or create stations they like and listen to them via ‘My Stations’. The dial itself can be customized to include more genres of music, and when a song is being played, you can further fine tune the associated station according to your needs, selecting, for example, whether you want to play the most popular songs from the station or the latest.

During playback, you can tap the menu button to the left of the playback controls for further actions, such as marking the current song as a favorite, setting it to never be played again, removing it from your stations, creating a new station out of the song or editing the current station.

The interface is easy to navigate and looks raelly elegant, with the blurrred cover art of the current song taking over the background.

Milk Music_Dial  Milk Music_Song options

There are other areas in the app to explore as well. For example, by sliding your finger from the right edge of the screen, you can access a sidebar menu from where you can jump to ‘Manage Stations’ to add or remove stations, customize the aforementioned dial, switch Audio quality between standard and high, and toggle Explicit content from the Settings screen.

Milk Music_Manage Stations  Milk Music_Customize Dial  Milk Music_Settings

The digital music space is transforming fast and Samsung’s latest foray into the world of music streaming doesn’t disappoint. The app is available for free at Google Play Store and currently works on Samsung’s Galaxy S3, S4, Notes 2 and 3, and the S5 when it will launch.

Install Milk Music from Play Store

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