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Metadata is used to identify images by attributes such as color depth, resolution, time of creation, authors name, camera model etc. This data may include some personal information that you may have entered while editing the metadata (if you want to add and edit metadata, try PhotoMe), which can create a privacy issue if you are giving these images to someone else, or choosing to distribute over the internet. BatchPurifier Lite is a batch metadata removal application that lets you delete metadata information from JPEG images. It removes metadata including XMP, Comments, ICC Profile, EXIF, Photoshop Image Resources and Other Hidden Data.

To start, click Add Folder button available on the right side, and select the folder containing your images. BatchPurifier Lite allows you to add multiple folders to remove metadata tags from your images. When all required folders are added, click Next.

Batch Remove Image/JPEG Metadata With BatchPurifier Lite

Then, choose the type of data that you want to include in the removal process. You can choose from EXIF (including thumbnail and geo-tag), Photoshop Image Resources, XMP, Comments, ICC Profile and Other Hidden Data. Click Next when done.

Digital Confidence BatchPurifier LITE Data

If you don’t want to mess up the original folders, you can select a new folder to save the processed files. Otherwise, you can just choose to overwrite the original files and click Finish.

Digital Confidence BatchPurifier LITE Save

The selected metadata of all the desired images will be deleted. You can verify the removal in image properties.

Chrysanthemum.jpg Properties

BatchPurifier Lite works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download BatchPurifier Lite

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