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Yesterday, we covered a Google Chrome extension, Ghost Incognito, that allowed you to add domains for automatic launch in incognito mode. Open in Private Browsing Mode is a Firefoxadd-on that is designed to open links in private browsing mode when right-clicked. When you come across a link you’d like to open, but privacy is a concern, this add-on can come in handy. Just right-click a link and select Open in Private Browsing mode, and Firefox will switch its function, launching the link you selected with it.

Once you’ve installed the Open In Private Browsing Mode add-on, the option will be added to the right-click context menu. When you want to open a link in a private browsing mode, simply right click it and select Open Link In Private Browsing Mode from the context menu.


If you click the Back button, a Private Browsing web page is displayed. This gives you a warning that Firefox wont remember any history. It also explains how you can stop the private browsing.

Private Browsing

In order to stop the private browsing, go to tools in the Menu bar and you will find a Stop Private Browsing option. Click this to get back your normal Firefox browser.


Open Private Browsing Mode Add-on can be found at the link below.

Install Open Private Browsing Mode Add-On For Firefox

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