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There are numerous online photo editing services, but most have them are either too complicated or have limited editing options and features. iPiccy, an innovative photo editing web app, comes with a large number of editing options and is quite different from the traditional editing software. Users can upload photos from the internet or their local system, or map photos from Facebook. iPiccy allows users to quickly enhance, share and print photos by adding basic effects such as Sepia, Color tint, Black and White and various others. Furthermore, it also has a number of advanced features such as frames, borders, a built-in painter and a text editor.

To begin, select a method for getting a picture under Get Picture. Available options include Upload photo, From URL, From camera, From Facebook or New painting. Alternatively, you may also play around with a sample picture. iPiccy doesn’t require a registration, and hence, can be used without any interruptions.


Once your image is uploaded, you will see five options at the top of the page. These comprise Editor, Effects, Text, Painter and Save & Share. The Editor category has a number of options to choose from, containing Basic, Adjustments, Advanced, Color, Filters and Frames. All of these have further options, such as, Resize image, Crop Picture, Hue & Saturation, Clone tool, Black & White, Add Frames and others.


Next, the Effects category has a further four sub-options, having Artistic, Textured, Misc. and Color. These four categories are loaded with multiple effects, such as Pop Art, Wanted Poster, Retro Comic, Old Photo and many more.


The Text category allows you to add text to the image. Just click Add New Text and enter your desired words. You can choose fonts from three different font categories, under the likes of Art Fonts and Hand Written. Furthermore, you can also rotate and drag the text in order to place it anywhere on the photo.


When you’re done editing and adding effects to your photo, just click Save & Share. You can either save the image on your local system or you can upload it to Facebook. In addition to that, you can also get an image URL for further usage.



iPiccy has an extensive variety of photo-editing tools that can make your photo stand out from the usual lot. The features described above barely encompass what this web app is capable of, so visit the link below and try it out for yourself.

Visit iPiccy

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