Use Gestures To Control Playback In iOS 7 Music App, Control Center Lock Screen Share
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There are a bunch of Cydia tweaks that have the potential to make up for iOS’ lack of gesture-based music controls. There are tweaks that offer to add gestures in the Music app, lock screen, Notification Center, and even the volume HUD. Gesture Music Controls is different (and maybe better) than all the other tweaks belonging to this genre, though, as it affects multiple parts of iOS. Thanks to this tweak, you can easily control currently playing tracks from the lock screen, Control Center, and the stock Music app. Gesture Music Controls does not require any configuration, and is ready to be used immediately after its installation. The sharing options available in the tweak make it perfect for scrobbling your music.

Gesture Music Controls iOS LockScreen  Gesture Music Controls iOS CC  Gesture Music Controls iOS Share

Tweaks like Gesture Music Control are usually not too convenient to use owing to an excess of supported gestures. While Gesture Music Control is comprehensive in its own right, you won’t need a long time to get used to the gestures it offers. The gestures remain unchanged across different parts of iOS. Regardless of whether you are on the lock screen or inside the Control Center, a rightwards swipe on the track’s name takes you to the next song in the playlist. Here is a list of all the gestures supported by Gesture Music Control.

  • Right swipe: Plays next song
  • Left Swipe: Takes you back to the previous song
  • Tap: Pause / Play
  • Upwards Swipe: Brings up the iOS 7 sharing menu.  You can tweet about the currently playing track, post its name to Facebook, or share its information via SMS and email.
  • Tap and Hold: This gesture only works in the stock Music app. Long-press anywhere on the album art, and the rating dialog shows up. All the other gestures remain the same in the Music app.

Note that Gesture Music Control replaces the playback controls on the Control center and lock screen with its gestures, so once you install it, there won’t be any other way of controlling your music from those two places. The Music app, however, remains unchanged.

Gesture Music Control worked quite well in our experience. The only downside is its lack of a Settings menu. This means that the only way of restoring the visible controls is by deleting the tweak altogether. Apart from this little snag, we love the tweak and highly recommend it. You can get it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for 99 cents.

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