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Apart from all the shopping-related apps flooding the App Store these days, quite a few apps relating to TV shows are making their way to iOS as well. Bloomberg TV now have their very own iPad app while Fanhattan just recently arrived for the iPhone, and now, NBC Universal has just released a virtual TV guide for their channel, USA Network. USA Anywhere brings show details from the network, discussion forums, tweets from artists and a lot more.

USA Anywhere

You can sign up for an account to get the best out of the app, but even without that, USA Anywhere remains largely functional. The first page of the app displays all the popular shows arranged in tiles, with the one currently on-air displayed most prominently. You can rearrange this page to show all programs or only the popular ones. You can even choose specific shows to appear on the app’s homescreen.

USA Anywhere Show Page USA Anywhere is not just about the programs aired on the channel; it focuses equally on the characters in those shows and the artists who play them. That’s why the search area presents separate options for character and show search. When you tap on a show’s title, you are taken to its description and title page. Each program has 4 sections associated with it. In the Character Chat area, USA Anywhere features the Twitter feed of the actors and actresses from that show. Live Chat connects you with people who are fans of the same show as you and lets you chat with them while the show is being aired or even after.

Polls can be created for any show. Others who visit that show’s page can participate and make their opinion public about any matter related to the show. In Pics & Vids, you can find data related to the show, although every program does not necessarily have any pics or trailers in this area. USA Anywhere also offers the option to share your thoughts about a program over Facebook or Twitter, and if you want, you can even add your Facebook friends to the app and chat with them right from within it.

USA Anywhere Schedule What’s a TV app if you can’t view your favorite channel’s schedule? You can check out the detailed program timings of USA Network from within the Schedule section of the app, which can be accessed from the homepage. The app is free and has both iPhone and iPad variants.

Download USA Anywhere

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