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Switching between an audio player and a word document to write out some or all the information can be really frustrating, not to mention time consuming. If you use audio and documentaries to write out articles or reviews, then Transcribe is a GoogleChrome web app that can assist. This simple tool allows you to access your audio and text at the same place, without having to switch between two applications/windows. It also comes with keyboard shortcuts to pause, slow-down, speed-up, rewind or forward the audio clip. Furthermore, it also autosaves your transcribed text, and even works offline.

To start off, simply click Choose File and upload your audio file, which can either be in anmp3or wavformat. Once your file has been uploaded, begin the playback and start typing. While you listen to your audio file, basic playback controls like pause/resume, rewind, forward etc, become available. Transcribe also comes with a number of keyboard shortcuts, such as slow down (F1), speed up (F2), rewind 2 seconds (F3) and forward 2 seconds (F4). Furthermore, when you’re done writing, you can easily copy-paste the data.


This is a useful web app, specially for people who need to use information contained in audio files to write something out. Install transcribe from the link given below and make transcription simpler.

Install Transcribe For Google Chrome

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