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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular (as well as the less-popular but equally useful) apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the best Chrome & Firefox extensions, several amazing new Android apps, and new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks, among other excellent apps and tips.

More 2013 ‘Best Of’ Roundups

In last week’s roundup, we linked to ‘Best Of’ year-end lists for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Windows apps. We created a couple new ones for web browsers, which you can see below.

Chrome’s New ‘Supervised User’ Allows You To Block Websites And Monitor Activities Of Other Users On Your PC

Supervised Feature_Control Panel

As far as I know, Google is first out the gate with built-in web browser parental controls. With ‘Supervised User’, you can make user accounts for people you’re sharing your PC with so you can block certain websites, and closely monitor web browsing activity. It’s rather basic at the moment, but we expect lots of improvement in the future.

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Gain Valuable Knowledge On The Go With Udemy For Android

Udemy_Discover  Udemy_Course  Udemy_Watch

Udemy is amongst the most popular online learning platforms. Unlike MOOCs, which are focused on university-style education, Udemy video lectures and tutorials cover broader topics like Yoga, Photography, Business Development, Logo Design, and so much more! They’ve now release a native app for Android so you can continue learning on the go.

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CyanogenMod Launches Public Beta Of Its Gallery App ‘GalleryNext’ For All Android Devices

CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android 4  CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android 7

CyanogenMod is the most popular Android variant around with strong community support and collaboration with smartphone manufacturer Oppo. They are carrying on the momentum they’ve gathered over the last few years by coming up with stronger variants of stock apps. The latest is ‘GalleryNext’: a better-looking Gallery app with different ‘views’, and integration with cloud services.

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How To Opt Out Of Gmail’s New ‘Email via Google+’ Option

Best Apps, Tips And Posts Of The Week [01.19.2014]

Google is doing everything it can to bring more users to Google+. Their latest move – a rather controversial move – is to allow anyone on Google+ to email you on the account associated with your Google+ account, without the sender knowing your email address. I am personally not bummed by it since it is exactly like Facebook in that these messages are sent to a separate folder, but if you are, there’s a simple way out!

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AppBox Is A New Platform For Jailbroken iOS 7 Lock Screen Widgets And Shortcuts

AppBox iOS Lock Screen  AppBox iOS Plugin

I personally like going to my home screen, and within apps for tasks like composing text messages, writing notes, sharing things on Facebook, etc., but you can move some of these actions to your lock screen for quicker access with ‘AppBox’ – a new jailbreak tweak that lets you add app shortcuts and app-specific widgets to the lock screen.

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EvolveSMS Is A Messaging App For Android With A Customizable KitKat-Inspired Interface

EvolveSMS for Android 1  EvolveSMS for Android 2  EvolveSMS for Android 3

Like Hangouts for Android’s UI but dislike the fact that it is too… rigid? Try out EvolveSMS! It looks and works a lot like Hangouts, but comes with a bevy of customization options and extra features.

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Set Up Two-Way Google Drive Sync For Any Folder On Your Android Device Using DriveSync

DriveSync_Local  DriveSync_Cloud  DriveSync_Sync Method

DriveSync adds a pretty neat new feature to Google Drive on mobiles. With it, you can set two-way automatic, background syncing between a specified folder on your Android device, and a folder on your Google Drive account. Changes in one will be automatically reflected in the other. You could make your own Drive-powered text-editing ‘app’ with this, in a way.

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Get A Customizable iOS 6-Style App Switcher On iOS 7 With This Jailbreak Tweak

ClassicSwitcher iOS Settings  ClassicSwitcher iOS Rows

I personally think the cards-based iOS 7 App Switcher is great, but if you prefer the simplistic iOS 6 app switcher you can get it back with ‘ClassicSwitcher’ jailbreak tweak for a buck.

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mxHero Toolbox Enhances Gmail With Self-Destructing Emails, Read Receipts, Scheduling, And Reminders

mxHero Toolbox_Settings

The oddly-named ‘mxHero Toolbox’ is an excellent Google Chrome extension for Gmail with which you can send self-destructing emails à la Snapchat, get read receipts, schedule emails to be sent later, and get reminders if your recipient doesn’t reply within a specified timeframe.

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Boost iOS 7′s Library of Dynamic / ‘Live’ Wallpapers With iDynamic

iDynamic iOS Home  iDynamic iOS Wallpapers

iOS 7′s built-in set of dynamic / ‘live’ wallpapers are terribly boring; they are simply different color versions of a single live wallpaper! To mitigate this, a new jailbreak-only app called ‘iDynamic’ blipped on our radar last week; it adds significantly more variety, and is absolutely free. Great deal. I am installing it as I type this.

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Cleanmaster Security For Android Combines An Anti-Malware With Junk Files Cleaner And Call Blocker

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Main  CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Scan

While Android does indeed come packed with built-in security features, the proliferation of anti-malware apps, and junk file cleaners creates a different kind of impression among users. Cleanmaster Security is a new combined anti-malware, junk cleaner and call blocker for Android.

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Place iOS 7 App Icons In Any Configuration With HomeScreenDesigner

HomeScreenDesigner iOS H HomeScreenDesigner iOS A1 HomeScreenDesigner iOS M HomeScreenDesigner iOS Z

iOS automatically makes app icons fill the top-left most empty grid position on the homescreen, but you can bypass this limitation with HomeScreenDesigner for iOS 7 to place icons in any configuration. You can make a heart-space, a ring, letters of the alphabet, or anything else your heart desires so long as it fits within the 4×4 or 4×5 grid.

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