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Smartphones these days are becoming more and more powerful, but what makes them truly smart are all the great apps being created for them. You might have heard of Tasker and Condi, handy apps that allow you to automate certain tasks on your Android device, such as automatically switching off Wi-Fi when you reach work, stopping music playback after a certain time, and much much more. Agent is another similar option that lets you automate five different functionalities of your phone without any input from your side. It’s an amalgamation of multiple utilities, each called an agent, which run in the background to save your phone’s battery by toggling off features like Bluetooth & auto sync when the battery is low, silence the phone during meetings, remember the location where you parked you car, automatically respond to messages when you’re on the road, and only allow important calls or text messages to get through while you sleep.

The UI of Agent is pretty decent and clean. When launched, it activates all the available agents, and on its home screen, you can see which type of agents are enabled. You can, of course, toggle each agent manually if you wish. Tapping on an agent from the list brings up more settings for it to configure according to your liking.

Agent Welcome  Agent Main

Each agent carries its own set of configuration options. For instance, the Battery agent lets you specify the percentage at which to trigger battery conservation mode, as well as what device features to toggle, including Bluetooth, auto sync, or screen brightness level. Likewise, the Drive agent can mute your device, read your messages aloud, and automatically respond to texts and phone calls. You will need to pair a Bluetooth headset with your phone in order to use Drive agent.

The Parking agent also only works when you have paired a Bluetooth device. When enabled, it can pinpoint on the map where you parked your car. You can enable or disable the agents via tapping the On/Off switch at the top-right in each agent’s settings screen.

Agent Battery  Agent Drive  Agent Parking

Agent also logs all your activities in the Activity stream which, can be accessed from the sidebar menu from the app’s home screen. It’s basically a timeline that lets you view and analyze information regarding which agents were triggered at a particular time. Agent also sports home screen and lock screen widgets, so you may enable or disable your desire agent on the fly without having to open the app itself.

Agent Sidebar  Agent Stream  Agent Settings

Agent is available for free at Google Play and requires Android 4.0 ICS or later to work.

Install Agent from Play Store

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