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Summly made quite an impact on the category of news readers in the App Store during the short period that it was around before its acquisition and shutdown by Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! did add Summly-like features to its official iOS app later on, it still wasn’t the same as having a dedicated app aimed at giving you a quick dose of the news stories that really matter. If you still remember and miss Summly, or are just looking for the most convenient way of reading important news stories, Yahoo! News Digest might be your best best. The new iPhone app summarizes the eight most important news stories of each day and each night. The digest gets refreshed every twelve hours, although you can also read some extra stories if you are in the mood. The summaries created by News Digest aren’t just shortened versions of the original articles; they consist of different ‘atoms’ – pieces of relevant information gathered from Wikipedia, social media, and maps.

Yahoo News Digest iOS Home  Yahoo News Digest iOS Legend

Yahoo! News Digest gets an injection of new stories twice each day, with the first refresh occurring in the morning, and the second collection of summaries arriving at the end of the day. The main page of the app displays titles of all the eight stories included in the digest. Below the headline, the sources of the story are listed, though the line below that can prove to be even more helpful in deciding what to read. Yahoo! News Digest plugs into various information providers to come up with its summaries. Tap the bottom bar below a headline, and a legend pops up to help new users understand the kind of information included in a particular article. Each summary consists of some atoms, which can come from Wikipedia, Yahoo!’s media libraries, maps, infographics and Twitter.

Yahoo News Digest iOS Countdown  Yahoo News Digest iOS Extras

After you have read all the stories listed in one edition, you can either go back in time and read older digests, or go through some extra articles that didn’t make the cut for the digest but are still pretty good. Just swipe upwards from the bottom of the main screen, and the ‘Extra News’ section shows up. To read older digests, hit the icon located in the top-right corner of the app’s main screen to head to the countdown screen. This timer shows the time left in the next refresh but below that, there is a complete timeline that can be used to navigate to older editions of the Digest.

Yahoo News Digest iOS Summary  Yahoo News Digest iOS Story

The actual stories presented by Yahoo! News Digest can be quite concise, without missing out on any important details. The summary is usually no more than a paragraph or two in length, but the atoms below it can also prove to be useful for gaining some background knowledge of the subject under discussion.

Yahoo! News Digest might be considered as just another news app by some iOS users, but it still has a personality of its own. So, if you are on iOS 7, go ahead and give the app a shot. It is available for free, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

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