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The iOS 7 lock screen has already inspired Android launchers and tweaks for older iDevices, but now some Cydia releases have started making changes to the lock screen itself. After installing Swipey, you won’t see any visible change to the lock screen, but a very useful new functionality is added there nonetheless. Swipey is an app launcher of sorts, and although it doesn’t add a list of app shortcuts anywhere, you can still use it to quickly launch frequently used apps right from the lock screen. The tweak allows its users to add up to 6 apps to the lock screen in the form of stowed away cards. Just swipe multiple times across the lock screen until you get to your favorite app and as soon as you let the card go, the said app will launch straight away. This way, the launcher does not take up any space at all but can still come in handy on short notice.

Swipey iOS Settings  Swipey iOS App List

To select the apps you want to set up with Swipey, head to the tweak’s Settings menu. There are separate entries for each slot available in the tweak. There is no compulsion of filling up all slots, and you can stop at just one or two apps if you want. Both stock and third-party apps can be chosen for a place on the periphery of the lock screen. Once the choices have been made, you can just quit the Settings app and lock the device’s screen to dive right into the action.

Swipey iOS Lock Screen

Swipe across the screen to the left, and you will see the first card, showing a shortcut to your chosen app. Rather than coming up with just a small icon, the tweak displays a momentary preview of the entire app behind its logo. Let the screen go if you want to launch the current app; otherwise, you can keep swiping until the card of the desired app shows up. In our experience, the tweak slowed down the iPhone 4s a little, but the overall impact on the device’s performance wasn’t too bad.

Swipey is fully compatible with iPhone’s default passcode lock, and doesn’t let you bypass it. If you have it configured, the password must be entered before an app is launched.

The tweak is quite elegant, although it might not seem to be a particularly feature-rich release. Swipey is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and can be grabbed by shelling out a couple of bucks. It works with all iOS 7 devices, including the newer 64-bit breed. So, feel free to give it a go even if you are on an iPhone 5s.

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