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LinkedIn might not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it’s not supposed to be. LinkedIn is a professional network used by people to increase their business and work-related contacts. In the real world, people related to the same business or holding some sort of professional interest for each other still exchange information about themselves the old way, that is, via business cards. A business card has some advantages; it has a more professional feel and so, a greater chance of attracting attention. On the other hand, it is hard to manage business cards if you have a lot of them and they are extremely easy to misplace. CardMunch is an iOS app which will help you digitize your business cards, and link them with the LinkedIn profiles of the people who gave them to you.

CardMunch  CardMunch-Uploaded

CardMunch is a really simple app. All you need to do to start using it is log in with your LinkedIn account. Once that is done, the app takes you to the scanning interface wherefrom you can capture a picture of the card you have got. Align the card such that it is within the rectangular frame in the viewfinder and tap the snap button.

So you’ve captured a photo of the card; you could have done that with any other app. What’s the point of having an official LinkedIn app to do that? The perk offered by CardMunch is that once you scan a card with it, you can associate it with the profile of the person to whom the card belongs to, that is, if you have him or her added to your LinkedIn profile. The app also allows you to save the scanned card to your device, or share it via email.

CardMunch is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Click on the link below to head over to its App Store page.

Download CardMunch

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