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While it may take an awful lot of time checking various websites/apps to get the current weather forecast and all the latest news of an area of your interest, with Global Feed running on your Android, it literally takes a minute. How? Via a solitary 3D globe which the users can rotate to navigate to various parts of the world to view weather forecasts and news relevant to any topic of choice. That’s not all. The app sports a native web browser to let users explore their favorite news stories in detail. There’s also an in-app sharing feature that can be availed to share the best content with your buddies.

01-Global-Feed-Android-Home  02-Global-Feed-Android-Topics

The globe that’s included within Global Feed serves the purpose of displaying various placemarks, each pinned to a specific location and pointing towards a news story matching your chosen area of interest. The app supports displaying news feeds from a wide array of topics ranging from weather to law, industry to entertainment and many more. You can either choose a topic from the list or manually search for stories by keywords.

04-Global-Feed-Android-Placemarks  05-Global-Feed-Android-News

On the app’s homescreen, tap Choose Topic at the bottom of the screen to select topics of your interest. Once done with all the selection, you must tap Choose Topic once again so start downloading all the relevant data pertaining to your query. In case your query matches news on a particular topic, you will notice various red placemarks scattered all over the globe, each representing a news story relevant to a selected topic in a specific part of the world. You can navigate to a location of your liking and zoom into the map to browse through news items.

You will notice a white line over a placemark with a headline displayed on top. This indicates a particular story related to that location. Tapping on the headline opens the story in the app’s browser. The small digit displayed on each placemark represents the total number of stories relevant to a particular location. In case, there are multiple stories associated to a place, you can swipe on the headlines bar to switch between various news.

Apart from going through the whole story in detail, you may opt to add it to your favorites list or share it with your friends. To access your favorites list, simply tap the star icon on the app’s homescreen.

03-Global-Feed-Android-Weather 06-Global-Feed-Android-Favorites

If you’ve selected Weather from the topic list, the app shows you current weather condition of various cities of the world with conventional symbols.

Global Feed might not be all about glittery looks and feature-richness, but it certainly provides you with a true bird’s eye view of all the latest developments and weather info in any part of the world in a unique manner.

While the free variant of Global Feed displays ads, there’s an ad-free version of the app available in the Android Market as well that can be purchased for a mere $0.99. Download links to both variants of the app are provided below along with their respective QR codes.

Global Feed: View Worldwide News Weather On An Interactive 3D Globe [Android]


Global Feed: View Worldwide News Weather On An Interactive 3D Globe [Android]


Download Global Feed (Free)

Download Global Feed (Ad Free) (Paid)

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