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Fanhattan for iPhone Movies  Fanhattan for iPhone TV

Fanhattan is the ultimate iPhone and iPad hub for staying apprised of the up and coming movies and TV shows. You can find out all about your favorite shows or view what’s popular among your friends or other users these days, and connect with people who are fans of the movies you like. Fanhattan offers movie purchases from iTunes, and a bunch of other services, and helps you manage the Entertainment section of your iOS life.

Fanhattan for iPhone Series  Fanhattan for iPhone Episodes

At startup, you are offered to connect your Fanhattan account with either Facebook or Twitter, but even if you don’t, the app remains pretty useful. As expected, there are two main sections; Movies and TV shows. Tapping on the screen while in any section won’t take you to the title on screen at that moment but to the respective hub. In that menu, you can choose to perform any of the tasks offered by Fanhattan. There is the option to search for a title, but keep in mind that this isn’t an official iTunes or Netflix app and you won’t find all the titles in the world here. Fanhattan is focused on new titles mostly.

For each show you discover, there is a short description and some of them come with trailers. If you are viewing a TV series, you can see previews of all its episodes from any of its seasons and if you like what you see, there’s the option to purchase it from the iTunes store.

Fanhattan for iPhone Subscriptions  Fanhattan for iPhone Smart Browse

Fanhattan is pretty social as well. It gives you the option to view and join ongoing discussions about a particular movie or TV series. The app also shows what your Twitter & Facebook contacts are watching, that is, if they are using Fanhattan.

Another useful feature of the app is Smart Browse, meant for whenever you are just in the mood for finding something good to watch and don’t have a specific show or movie in mind. You can set a number of filters, choose a specific genre and then browse through the results. The Subscriptions section of the app lets you view updates from popular sources including HBO, iTunes and Amazon among many others.

The iPad version of the app has been around for quite a while, but now you can use Fanhattan on your iPhone as well. Both versions are available for free. App Store links for both variants are provided below.

Download Fanhattan for iPhone

Download Fanhattan for iPad

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