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Most of you would definitely be familiar with creating custom ringtones for your smartphone, but have you ever wanted to have a video clip play each time you receive a call? Because this is what dodol pop is all about. Fresh at the Google Play Store, this Android app lets you set videos as not only ringtones but also alarms and notifications. You can either choose from a bunch of user-generated videos, or create a custom video or sound clip of your own by recording it via the integrated camcorder. You can also edit audio files already on your device to make custom ringtones with the app. Details past the jump.

The fascinating interface of dodol pop is a pleasure to use. The navigation just feels snappy even on older Android devices. The quintessential feature here is to let you swap your conventional ringtones and notification alert sounds with video tones. Besides videos, you can also use custom sound clips. The main screen lets you navigate to four main section of the app: Ringtone, Notification, Package and Edit.

dodol pop  dodol pop_Ringtone

Videos and sound clips can be imported in a multitude of ways. The app has a built-in video recording feature that lets you record custom footage and then set it as the ringtone or notification alert. On the audio front, it lets you trim audio clips from music files stored on your device, and even add your own voice to them. The pertaining Edit screen carries all the settings and options required to edit and save the output.

The Package screen, on the other hand, carries ringtone packages created by other dodol pop users that you can download and use for free. Some of the packages contain only video or audio clips, whiles others carry both. When you download a package, it becomes accessible in the Ringtone and Notification sections.

dodol pop_Package  dodol pop_Package download  dodol pop_Edit

When you set a video tone using dodol pop, a video is played instead of the conventional ringtone when your phone rings. Likewise, dodol pop can also be used as an alarm app either in conjunction or as a replacement of your default one. The Alarm Settings screen lets you specify the alarm time, recurrence days, media to be used, and volume level.

dodol pop_Alarm  dodol pop_Alarm set  dodol pop_Alarm screen

While video ringtones, notifications and alarms may not be for everyone, dodol pop is a nifty app nonetheless for those who do want to explore this possibility. You can download and install the app to your Android via the link provided below.

Install dodol pop from Play Store

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