Shortmail For iPhone Helps Limit The Length Of Sent/Received Mail Print

Spam is an issue which constantly plagues anyone who uses an email account. Apart from messages from unknown senders, you might get legitimate yet unnecessarily long mails from your contacts too. To encounter this info glut, we really need something like Shortmail, a service that has been around for quite a while. Shortmail forces conciseness in emails by limiting the character count to 500 for each message. Now, this useful service has launched its iPhone app as well.

Shortmail for iOS  Shortmail for iOS Inbox

Shortmail requires you to sign up with your Twitter account. Shortmail only allows you to write mails up to 500 characters long. Similarly, you won’t receive mails longer than the character limit. If someone tries to send you a mail longer than 500 characters from some other mailing service, the following message will automatically be sent to them:

“Hey, your message is too long for Shortmail!
At Shortmail, we limit all messages to 500 characters to keep email simple. Your message to Your Name” <> is 1744 characters long, which is just 1244 characters too big.

Your message can still get delivered – just edit it and send it on its way. Keep it under 500 characters this time, ok? Thanks!”

Shortmail for iOS Message  Shortmail for iOS Compose

You will have a Shortmail specific user ID and a separate inbox inside the app for your received mail. The interface is pretty neat and extremely simple to use.

The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. Link to its App Store page is provided below.

Download Shortmail

[via TechCrunch]

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