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Just yesterday, we reviewed Vuze Remote by Azereus that allows users of the popular Vuze BitTorrent client to remotely control the torrent downloads on their PC from their Android device. But what if you don’t want to use your Android phone or tablet to merely control the torrents that are actually being downloaded on your PC, but instead want to download them to your Android device itself? While there are already plenty of options available for the purpose, such as our previously reviewed aTorrent, as well as the official Android app of uTorrent. Though if you are a loyal Vuze user and want to use the same on your Android phone or tablet, you’ll be happy to know that the developers have recently released their full torrent client for the platform as well. Vuze Torrent Downloader might not be the most feature-rich Torrent client available on Google’s OS, but it gets the job done.

Upon launch, you’ll land on a rather empty-looking interface, but that is to be expected since you haven’t added any torrents yet. To do that, tap the search button in the bottom bar, enter your desired keywords and hit the Search button to find torrents. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t include a built-in way of looking for torrents, and you will be simply taken to your browser with a Google search for your query, with the term ‘torrent’ added to it. Once you find a torrent online, download it just the way you would download any other file, and you’ll be able to add it to Vuze. To start downloading a torrent in Vuze from its torrent file, magnet link or hash, tap the + button in the bottom bar.

Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 1  Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 2  Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 3

If you have the magnet URL or the torrent hash, enter it in the field and hit OK. If you want to use a torrent file instead, hit Browse, and you’ll be able to load any torrent file saved on your device’s storage. The torrents that you have loaded show up in the app’s main interface, and you can use the tabs on top to switch between all torrents, the ones that are currently being downloaded, and the ones that have finished downloading. The blue button next to each torrent lets you quickly pause or resume it. Tapping any torrent, on the other hand, brings up a small menu that allows you to pause/resume it, delete it, or open its download location on your device’s storage.

Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 4  Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 5  Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 6

Tap the menu icon in the top bar, and you’ll be able to search for and add torrents (which works the same way as the bottom toolbar buttons), pause, resume or remove all torrents, access the app’s settings (also accessible from the icon on the right side of the bottom bar), and shut down the app. In the settings, you can enforce download and upload speed limits, specify the incoming TCP port, toggle the option to download torrents on Wi-Fi only, which can help save up on data costs, set the app to auto-start on your device startup, choose a refresh interval, decide what to do when a torrent finished downloading, and access the app’s FAQ.

Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 7  Vuze Torrent Downloader for Android 8

To sum it up, Vuze Torrent Downloader is a rather minimal torrent app for Android that works well, but doesn’t have any bells and whistles found in many alternatives. You can grab the app for free via the following link.

Install Vuze Torrent Downloader from Play Store

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