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It is easy to lose track of mouse cursor position during PowerPoint presentations on large projector screens. Another problem is that, if you have to point something out to the audience, there is no way for anyone to locate the mouse cursor unless you move it around a little bit. PointerStick is a portable application that adds a stick to your mouse cursor, enabling you to easily point at objects on you computer screen. You can change size, transparency and texture of the stick, and use hotkeys to enable and disable it.

The application runs in the system tray, and the Settings panel can be accessed by double clicking its icon. The Settings menu allows you to change the size, transparency and texture of the stick. You can choose from Red, Gold, Silver, Gold-2, Stars and Zitro textures for the stick. It also lets you enable the stick By Mouse Triple Click or Ctrl + Alt+ Y and Ctrl + Alt + Z hotkeys.

PointerStick 1.00

This application can be used with any other application. Here are some examples of PointerStick at work. For example. during PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Slide Show

You can also use PointerStick while presenting at workshops.

My Computer

PointerStick works with all versions of Windows

Download PointerStick

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