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Need to adjust light intensity levels and sensitivity in images? You probably need a HDR utility that can apply tone mapping techniques and merge multiple LDR or SDR images to define the higher dynamic range. For those who aren’t familiar with HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging, it’s a technique to bring real-life luminance range to photos; the purpose is to achieve utmost clarity and detail in photos by adjusting the brightest and darkest areas of an image. HDRtist is an HDR software for Mac OS X that uses 4 tone mapping methods to generate HDR image. These tone mapping methods, ranging from compression light, realistic to extreme can be applied to individual exposure to create a HDR image.

If you have multiple exposures in JPG or RAW format, just drag them over the main interface, align the images (if needed), apply the tone mapping method that you want using Strength slider and then click Save HDR, it will start combining different exposures, to bring detail for darkest and brightest portions into a single HDR image. To get started, click Create a new HDR on the main interface.


Now, you can either choose to add a single image or multiple exposures to create a HDR image. If you choose a single image, you won’t need to use the Align option. Just set the tone mapping method from Strength slider and click Save HDR button at the top.

hdr main

However, if you’ve imported multiple exposures, click Align Photos prior to setting the strength level. When you click the Save HDR button, it will ask you to specify the output location of HDR image.


There is no limit defined on number of exposures that can be added to form a HDR image, so you can add as many image exposures as you want. HDRtist also has a Pro version (costs $ 29.99), which includes some advance HDR imaging related features such as 128-bit floating point engine & tone mapping system, HDR and Exposure blending, save images directly to iPhoto/Aperture, and numerous 1-click styles. Both HDRtist Free and HDRtist Pro support Mac 10.5 and higher.

Download HDRtist

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