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When you plan a journey abroad, whether for recreational or business purpose, there’s much more to consider than just making reservations in a flight service of your liking. The most important of them all is the selection of an appropriate destination followed by all the specific prerequisites that could help make your stay at the place safe, convenient and enjoyable. Information including weather forecasts, currency rates, useful medications, things that you must preferably add to your luggage to tackle any probable situations, a travel insurance/anti-theft policy, maps, emergency service and local embassy numbers and most importantly, your official documents, such as your passport, are just a few things that immediately come to mind. In short, despite all the excitement (or anxiety) that surrounds your travel plans, managing such an extensive list of tasks could prove to be toilsome. That is where Trip Organizer comes in. Powered by Netglobers and Europ Assistance, the app is a cross-platform travel planning app for Android and iOS that aims to help users prepare for their international trips right from their devices. Read on for details.

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The app appeared on the iTunes App Store quite a while ago, but has just recently made its way to the Android Market.

To start using the app, you must be logged in with a valid NetGlobers or Facebook account. Apart from helping you organize your trips in a hassle-free manner, Trip Organizer keeps you apprised of the latest upcoming local events and offers all the assistance possible to ensure that your journey proves to be an enjoyable one.

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When you run the app on your device for the very first time, it asks for your current area of residence as well as your nationality to ascertain the availability of various facilities/services in your region. It then lets you pick a destination (country & city) of your choice.

Next, on the homescreen, you have the all-important To Do tab along with the My Trips (lists your chosen destinations along with overall preparation progress for each plan), Local Events, Tools (for useful phone numbers, currency converter, travel-oriented phrasebooks, maps and more) and My Profile (your personal account info) tabs.

The To Do tab, as suggested by its title, provides you with a checklist containing some of the most important tasks, represented by various tiles, that you must keep in sync with your travel plans. For each selected destination, the app fetches updated weather forecast, various locations, travel Reports (from other visitors), information on various Insurance schemes and Official Documents, a list of Mandatory/Recommended Vaccines and must-have commodities. If you think that you’ve got all the bases covered, do confirm with the Total Progress bar at the bottom of this screen to ensure that there’s nothing missing from your overall preparation.

05-Trip-Organizer-Android-Local-Events  05-Trip-Organizer-Android-Useful-Numbers

Tapping the My Profile tab lets you check your profile and travel information in detail. You can also add personal notes, specify departure/return date for a trip and alter your country of residence and nationality from the same screen.

Trip Organizer (Lite) is the free yet somewhat restricted variant of the app. The premium (paid) version of the app, on the other hand, boasts several handy features, such as metro maps, option to save information of all your vital documents, video clips of do’s & don’ts for specific locations and more. The paid variant is $5.40 on the Android Market. Download links to both the free and paid versions of Trip Organizer are provided below along with their respective QR codes.

Trip Organizer Has Everything You Need To Plan Your Travels [Android, iOS]


Trip Organizer Has Everything You Need To Plan Your Travels [Android, iOS]


Download Trip Organizer Lite (Free)

Download Trip Organizer (Paid)

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