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FileProcessor is an application that searches for files based on user-defined preferences, and lets you perform a variety of tasks on them. It lets you perform actions such as delete, compare, rename, copy, run, print etc, on the search results. You can perform batch actions, save search lists, load them and print search results from within the application. The application lets you search your hard disk with Size, Time and Periodfilters, and provides a number of predefined file type filters such as BMP, EXE, PDF, TXT, HTML, RES, DLL, SQL etc.

To start searching, first select a Starting Directory. Choose the Size, Time and PeriodFilters from the top left, and File Type Filters from the top right of the interface. Click Search & Add button to start searching for your desired results. The Search & Remove option lets you remove particular types of items from the search results; just select the filters and click Search & Remove to delete items.

FileProcessor - Select Files for Actions

Click the Actions tab on the left to perform different actions on your search results. You can Delete, Compare, Rename, Copy, Run, Find Unused, Print, Set Properties and view Statistics of the files in your search results. You can also Search & Replace text in all the files simultaneously.

FileProcessor - Actions - General - Rename Files

Click Prefs button on the left to access the preferences panel of FileProcessor. You can set Functional Preferences such as Overwrite read-only Files, Keep original file date and Create Backup before Saving Changes, User Interface options such as Minimize on Action Startup, Maximize on Action Finished and Color settings like Lists Color, Application Color, Menu bars Color etc.

FileProcessor - FileProcessor Preferences

FileProcessor works on all versions of Windows.

Download FileProcessor

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