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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular (as well as the less-popular but equally useful) apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss a crazy new keyboard for Android, Instagram for Windows Phone, yet another Chrome New Tab page replacement, and a new cloud-syncing service for Windows, among other excellent apps and tips.

Instagram Finally Available For Windows Phone

Instagram for Windows Phone 1  Instagram for Windows Phone 2  Instagram for Windows Phone 3

Instagram finally released an official client for Windows Phone last week. It doesn’t have the latest features of its iOS and Android counterparts including basic ones like in-app photo and video capture, but it is a step in the right direction. Until it achieves parity, I suggest giving 6tag a try.

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Control MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint From Windows Phone With The Official Office Remote App

Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 1  Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 2  Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 3

Smartphones have replaced many other gadgets over the years, and I think the next one to go will be the presentation remote. Microsoft released MS Office Remote recently, and as you can guess, it allows you to remotely control popular Office documents from your Windows Phone device. Here’s hoping they will port it to iOS and Android for a better experience.

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MediaFire Launches Windows & Mac File Syncing And Sharing App With 50GB Free Cloud Storage


Dropbox kickstarted the mainstream cloud-syncing market, but it feels like others are getting farther and farther ahead; MediaFire recently released a cloud-syncing and file-sharing Windows/Mac app with 50GB of free space. If they launch mobile apps, it would be a pretty easy sell over other cloud-syncing services.

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Q4 Is An Innovative Floating Keyboard For Android That Can Be Resized And Made Invisible

Q4 Keyboard for Android - 5  Q4 Keyboard for Android - 6

If you’re looking to publicly experiment a new mobile technology, Android is (usually) the best platform to do it on. Q4 is a new keyboard with interesting features and a new use-style: it floats on top of other apps, can be quickly resized, and even made completely invisible (for true touch-typing). Available for free, it is worth checking out.

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Give Your Chrome New Tab Page A Google Now-Like Look With iChrome


I kind of dig the stock New Tab page so I’ll be sticking to that for now, but we came across yet another decent alternative called ‘iChrome’ that turns it into a Google Now-inspired home screen with a cards-based layout. You can customize it with components available for Weather, Search, web app shortcuts, News, and more.

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Quickly Remove Pre-Installed Bloatware On New Windows PCs With Decrap

Decrap_Files To uninstall

Windows laptops are (in)famous for all the ‘bloatware’ that comes pre-installed with new units. With Decrap, you can instantly and safely remove most of it. It also removes registry entries for a cleaner uninstall, which is something the default uninstallers often miss out.

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MacroDroid Is A Powerful But Easy To Use Task Automation App For Android

MacroDroid Device Automation for Android 01  MacroDroid Device Automation for Android 04

Task Automation is one particular area where Android is the undisputed champion among mobile platforms. There are many great apps available for achieving it, the latest of which is MacroDroid. We loved its ease of use compared to competitors like Tasker, but weren’t quite charmed by its 1990s-esque UI.

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Lock/Unlock Files And Folders On Windows Without Installing Any App

Anvide Lock Folder

Password-protection of sensitive data on your hard-drive is an absolute must these days. With Anvide Lock Folder, you can get that done on Windows without installing an app since it is portable. It is great for locking files on your USB flash drive, for example.

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Get Back Separate Devices & Drives Under ‘This PC’ In Windows 8.1 Explorer

This PC_File System

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft combined Drives and Devices under one heading. For people with a lot of both, it makes it difficult to navigate through in a pinch. With a simple tweak, you can get the original separation back.

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DayFrame For Android Creates Awesome Slideshows Using Photos From Facebook, Instagram, 500px & More

Dayframe Main  Dayframe_Screensaver

Facebook Home shows you photos from your friends on its lock screen, while Android’s 4.2.2′s Daydream feature does the same for local photos. Dayframe takes this idea to the next level by showing you great photos from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, 500px and also Google+!

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Get The iOS 7 Phone App On Android With Espier Dialer iOS7

Espier Dialer iOS7  Espier Dialer iOS7_Outgoing

Espier has made it superbly easy to get the (almost) full iOS 7 experience on Android with their range of launchers, lockscreens and whatnot. They’ve now launched a new dialer replacement that mimics iOS 7′s Phone app.

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Get The (Almost) Full Vine Experience On The Web With ‘Vine For Chrome’

Vine for Chrome_Popular

While networks like Seenive and Vinebox let you view Vine’s network through a proper website, doing it through ‘Vine for Chrome’ is arguably better. It does not support Twitter logins at the moment and it is a little rough around the edges, but it will be the closest thing to the native mobile apps once it goes through a few iterations.

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