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Back in 2009, Nakodari reviewed a web service called TinEye, which is a reverse image search engine that uses image identification technology rather than watermarks and metadata to search similar images on the web for any given image. The process for searching an image over the web includes opening the web service and then uploading the image to initiate reverse image search. If you hate going through this lengthy process to look for similar images, check out TinyEye Client. It is a Windows Explorer extension that adds TinEye to the right-click context menu, so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of uploading images to TinEye web interface. Not only does it upload images to TinEye for scanning, it also lets you select the default sort criteria for your searches.

Once the extension is installed, right-click an image and select TinEye option. It will automatically upload a compressed copy of the image.

TinEye Context

From the main interface, you can paste the image from Windows clipboard. The Options tab lets you specify the Default Sort Order of image results from Biggest Image, Smallest Image, Best Match and Worst Match. You can enable and disable the context menu integration from Shell Integration tab.

TinEye Client Shell INtegration

For testing purposes, the image we used was run through over 2 billion images, and we found the search results to be pretty accurate.

TinEye Search

TinEye Client works on all versions of Windows.

Download TinEye Client

[via freewawregenius]

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