How To Disable Ubuntu 11.10 Lock Screen When Screensaver Is Active Share
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Ubuntu 11.10 does not ship with a screensaver pack, and even Gnome 3 comes with just a blank screen when your system is idle. In a previous post, we provided you with a remedy to this problem in the form of XScreenSaver application. While this application provides many attractive screensavers, it does not allow you to turn off the password lock. This means that, you have to type your password each time to login to your system, whenever the screensaver becomes active. Like many Ubuntu users, I prefer the direct login feature for Ubuntu, which means that I do not like entering password on a continual basis, including logging into Ubuntu when a screensaver becomes active. In this post, we will show you the procedure for turning off the screensaver lock.

Click the Cog icon from the system tray and select System Settings.

System Settings

Once done, a new window will pop-up containing numerous options. Click Screen to proceed further.

Screen Lock

Click Off (below Lock) to remove the lock screen restriction. Other screensaver options include selection for a time interval, after which screen saver is to be enabled, and lock screen time selection (if you choose to keep the lock screen option enabled.).


That’s about it. Let us know if this tip worked for you.

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