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Often, we know what a character looks like, but tend to forget its name. Shapecatcher is a  web app that can help you find specific Unicode characters by simply sketching their shape. Currently, the app features about 10,000 important Unicode characters in its database, which are compared to your drawing and are analyzed for similarities. Draw something in the box placed to the left and let Shapecatcher help you to find the most similar Unicode characters from its ever-growing database.

Shapecatcher has a simple interface without any complexities. All you need to do is draw a character in the drawbox using your mouse, and click Recognize.


A list of results will be displayed under the drawbox, with all possible matches that Shapecatcher could find in its database. It also provides information about the characters, including the symbol, name, its hexadecimal value and the language of origination.


Furthermore, Shapecatcher also has a Unicode List option displayed at the top of the page, but it remains under construction now on account of the web app being in beta. According to the developer, it will show, upon completion, the character sets that are supported by Shapecatcher. Japanese, Korean and Chinese characters are currently unsupported, but hopefully, these will be added to the database. This handy web app may garner particular interest in students and teachers.

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