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Current Playing Tweet If you’re a music-holic and would love to tell the world about your taste in music, what better way to do that than having your iOS 5 device tweet your current song playing, in no time at all using the built in Twitter integration. No need to type in, press a certain key, see what you’re about to send and voila! How? TweetSong is a new Cydia tweak that will easily let you do all this, in a matter of a few seconds. The tweak will pull in the information for the current playing song straight from your Music app, using it as the body of your tweet.

TweetSong works by assigning a shortcut to it via Activator, and once set, all you need to do is to launch the tweak via the shortcut, resulting in a pre written tweet containing your current song title, along with the artist.

IMG_0551  IMG_0552

If you use a third party music app, you will be disappointed with this tweak as it wont be able to pull up information from any other app than the stock Music app. However, those who prefer the stock app, can easily install this tweak from the Big Boss repository in Cydia, or simply search for it in the Search tab. Needless to say you have to be on a jailbroken iOS 5 or 5.0.1 firmware. Once you have the tweak installed, you will be asked to restart your Springboard, so make sure you do so.

[via idownloadblog]

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