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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss all the new features in Windows 8.1, how to control it from a mobile device, a useful tool for typography enthusiast web designers, a Chrome extension for people who watch a lot of music videos on YouTube, among other excellent apps and tips.

What’s New In Windows 8.1: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Windows 8 made all sorts of missteps as Microsoft’s first attempt at combining the desktop and tablet worlds. Windows 8.1 goes to great lengths to erase said missteps, and we’ve covered every new feature in detail. Check out our detailed coverage from the link below.

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Remotely Control Your Windows Desktop From Android & iOS With Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Microsoft Remote Desktop Desktop

There are plenty of remote desktop viewing apps for mobile devices, but if you’re looking an easy setup, look no further than Microsoft’s official solution in the form of their new ‘Remote Desktop’ app available for all major mobile platforms.

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Easily Find & Install Custom Android ROMs & Recoveries, Perform Backup, Restores & More With ROM Installer

ROM Installer for Android 01a  ROM Installer for Android 01b

I’ve been using iOS for the past two years now, but I am strongly considering jumping back to Android after seeing all the great work being done by third-party app developers. Case in point, ‘ROM Installer’ allows you to very easily find and install custom ROMs, recoveries, and backup/restore your setups. It handily beats established giants like ROM Manager and GOOManager.

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How To Stop Google From Using Your Google+ Profile For Public Endorsements


Google is coming up with new ways to serve you ads. The latest is using positive reviews of apps, music, movies, books from your Google+ profile in public search results. If you are creeped out by the thought of this, there is a way to opt out of these ‘Shared Endorsements’.

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Backup, Sync & Restore Android Data & Settings To Cloud, Desktop Or SD Card With Nero BackItUp

Nero BackItUp  Source

I don’t think there’s any better way to back up your Android device than creating a nandroid copy and saving it on Dropbox, but if you are looking for an easier method, consider checking out Nero BackItUp. It’s a nicely designed app that allows you to easily save photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, messages and system settings to Nero’s own cloud storage, to your Windows PC, or on your SD card.

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TypeWonder: Quickly Test A Variety Of Free Fonts On Any Website Without Changing Any Code

New Font

This one’s for web designers and developers. Using TypeWonder, you can quickly test how a website would look using a specific font without going digging into the HTML/CSS code. I’m bookmarking this for future use!

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Backup & Restore Windows Device Drivers From Within Device Manager With ‘Free Driver Backup’

Free Driver Backup

Power users regularly perform a complete reinstall of Windows to maintain optimum performance; I know I end up doing it every 6-9 months. One of the biggest pain points in all this is setting up device drivers again. Well, there’s a utility for that. ‘Free Driver Backup’ lets you back up drivers and restore them from within Device Manager.

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Listen To Emails And News On The Go With This Android App

Listen to Emails and News 16  Listen to Emails and News 02  Listen to Emails and News 11

Long commutes can be the most boring and unproductive parts of your daily routine, but with things like audiobooks and email / RSS feed speakers, you can make it feel less so. If you agree, you might want to check out ‘Listen to Emails and News’ for Android from the link below.

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Enable/Disable Or Replace Individual Android System Sounds With Ultimate Sound Control

Ultimate Sound Control 01  Ultimate Sound Control 02

Android comes with a big set of sounds that are triggered when you do things like lock your device, take a photo, press a key etc. With Ultimate Sound Control you can enable/disable these sounds, and with the paid version, even replace them!

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Repeat Specific Part Of A YouTube Video As Many Times As You Want With ‘Looper’ For Chrome

Looper For YouTube 1

YouTube may indeed be a video streaming website, but quite a lot of people use it for playing music in the background. YouTube itself doesn’t allow you to repeat a video automatically, but with ‘Looper’ – a Google Chrome extension – you can select a portion of a video and have it repeat indefinitely in the background.

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PIN-Protect WiFi & Mobile Data Access On Android With Internet Lock

Internet Lock Lite 05  Internet Lock Lite 01

For whatever reason you deem appropriate, you can password-protect WiFi and mobile internet data on Android with a new app called ‘Internet Lock’. It’s great for letting kids use your device without giving them access to the internet.

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