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If you’re passionate about arts and crafts, and love creating items such as paintings, cushions, dresses, lamps etc, then Amazon aStore Arts, Crafts & Sewing is a GoogleChrome app that you might come to appreciate. This aStore has products for arts, crafts, beading, drawing, painting, fabrics and much more, letting you find all your supplies in a one-stop shop. The official Amazon website also offers a category of arts, crafts and sewing, but it is much more time consuming to actually find the respective department and then your desired category. The aStore offers a quicker and easier way to access the products you love, eliminating the need for a lengthy process. Just go to the aStore, buy all your favorite items, and let your creativity run loose!

The Amazon aStore comes with a bright, pink interface, that may feel a little heavy on your eyes. You can browse the different categories by accessing the Category menu displayed to the right side of the page. Above this menu, there is a search bar that you can use to look up other items. Furthermore, you can also share your products or pages with various social networks.

Amazon aStore

Once you select a product, you will be able to see the Product Description and Details. In addition to that, similar items are displayed to the right of the page. The aStore has a neat layout of details and descriptions, and is less cluttered as compared to the official Amazon website. It does not display any unnecessary content, and allows users to read the details without any distractions. The Amazon aStore also displays Customer Reviews in a very neat format at the end of the page.

product details

The aStore is an Amazon’s affiliate product, and comes absolutely free to use. Visit the link below to purchase your favorite items, and start creating your very own masterpieces.

Install Amazon aStore Arts, Crafts & Sewing For Chrome

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