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Have you ever wanted to quickly send one or more files to your friend or coworker without needing to install any desktop or mobile app for the purpose? Sounds like you could use a web app instead. With services like Jumpshare and Copy we’re seeing a big shift away from the traditional method of sharing data via email, instant messaging or conventional cloud storage services towards more specialized ones that are built for easy sharing. While many of these services are very powerful and handy options, OneTimeBox aims to take a rather different approach that’s as simple as it gets. You get to create a shared online directory to which you can upload your files via drag-and-drop and then share the link with anyone you want. What makes it different is that everyone with the link enjoys the same level of control over it, which is the ability to upload new files, and download or delete the ones already there, all without even the hassle of any accounts.

While one would think twice before entrusting their files to a service from where anyone with the link can access, delete and even replace their data, OneTimeBox can prove useful for casual file sharing where security and privacy isn’t much of a concern. This can include sending your favorite celebrity’s prank video to your friends, or sharing some free and public domain books or music with others. The service uses Amazon S for storing data, though its website doesn’t explicitly state anything about the maximum file size allowed, maximum storage space for a single folder or the time span until your files get deleted automatically.


To get started, click the ‘Create your Box’ button on the home page.

get Started

Next, you will be asked to drop your files that you want to upload to your box. There’s no option to browse for files to select them, so the only way is to drag your required item over the interface, which means you can’t upload files from platforms that don’t allow multiple overlapping windows and the ability to drag and drop files between them (which includes most smartphone and tablet operating systems). That said, the service does have a responsive desig, and can be used to download or delete files on all devices with a modern web browser.


OneTimeBox then gives you a unique URL for that folder, which you can hand over to anyone to share your files with them or let them upload their own files to it. Besides uploading or downloading an item, anyone with the link can delete any file their want from the folder. It would have been handy if the service could allow the box’s creator to choose if others should be able to upload or delete files or not. But then again, that would have gone against the whole idea of a shared box with everyone having the same level of access to it.


While I personally don’t see myself using OneTimeBox too often, it certainly removes all the hassle of making an account on a service for sharing files with others, and then granting editing access to people manually. On top of that, it lets anyone share any file between the entire group using the same cloud folder, which is what what makes it stand out. You can use the service for free via the following link.

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