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Android users are really spoilt when it comes to all the gorgeous customization and theming options available out there in form of launcher themes, ROM themes and what not. However, applying a complex theme to your entire device isn’t often the easiest of tasks when it involves making changes to several aspects of the interface (launcher, widgets, certain apps) individually to get the perfect look. If you are into Android theming and have been looking at all the great designs at MyColorScreen enviously, and not using any of them due to the complicated steps involved, the popular Android theme sharing service is easing things up for you with an app of its own. Currently in private beta Themer by MyColorScreen allows you to browse gorgeous themes for Android, and apply them to your device with one tap. Read on for our detailed review.


As mentioned above, the app is currently in private beta, and you’ll need to sign up for it (link provided at the end of the post) in order to use it. It can take a few weeks for you to get your invite code. Install the app, enter your invite code and you’ll be guided through the app’s features in a beautifully designed tutorial.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 01  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 02

After going through the introduction, you’ll land on the app’s screen, from where you can browse all the available themes in a gorgeous interface. Pulling from the left edge will bring up the navigation drawer that lets you easily access all the app’s features and settings.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 03  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 04

When browsing a theme, you’ll be shown its full-screen preview, and you can even slide horizontally to view the other screens of the theme. Like it and want to apply it on your device? Just hit Apply, and the theme will start downloading. You can also add it to your favorites for quick access later.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 07  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 07b  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 07c

After the theme is applied, its widgets will start reflecting information of your device. Different themes will have different widgets and shortcuts configured by default.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 07d  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 07e

There are several themes available for now, which can be vastly different from each other, as you can see in the three examples below, in addition to the one showcased above.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 08  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 08b  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 08c

Themer works as a launcher and comes with a slightly modified app drawer of its own that contains a separate tab for your favorite apps. Themer itself is there by default, and you can add more apps to the list or delete existing ones by tapping the Manage Favorites icon.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 09a  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 09b  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 09c

From the navigation drawer, you can log into the app with your Google or Facebook account, and also set it as your default launcher so that pressing the Home key always brings you to it, with the theme of your choice applied.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 04e  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 04f

The app’s settings are split into several sections. Themer Settings let you tweak your preferred app preferences and choose the default email account for notifications, in addition to viewing your signed in account, access support, and view information about the app.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 05  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 05b  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 05c

From Advanced Settings, you can configure various other aspects of the app, such as tweaking how the desktop looks and behaves. When it comes to folders, you can select the background for their preview in normal as well as expanded modes. You can also toggle the visibility of the dock and its divider.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06b  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06c

You can edit the icons for dock shortcuts by tapping on them and selecting your desired icon and title.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06f  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06g

Once you’ve tweaked a theme to make it exactly your way, you can save it with a name of your choice.

MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06h  MyColorScreen Themer for Android 06i

Despite being in beta and not featuring all the themes otherwise available at MyColorScreen, Themer is a solid app and its universal support as well as the high quality of the available themes makes it the most promising theming app for Android that we’ve seen. You can sign up for the beta and grab the app from the links provided below.

Sign up for Themer Beta

Install Themer from Play Store

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