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I hardly know anyone these days who doesn’t use Google Chrome to explore the web. It is an excellent browser that boasts a plethora of features coupled with a fast page rendering engine. And on top of that, there is a huge variety of extensions available at Chrome Web Store to further extend its capabilities. Back in 2010, we covered a desktop app called Launchy that allows you to open apps, folders and files located on your computer using keyboard shortcuts. If you want to control Google Chrome in a similar fashion, try Ferro. Inspired by applications like Quicksilver, Launchy, and GNOME Do, Ferro is designed to make your web browsing fast and simple by allowing you to use hotkeys to quickly access your bookmarks, history items and tabs, open, close or duplicate web pages, and more. Details just after the jump.

How does it work? After installing the extension, you just need to press Shift + Alt + F to open Ferro’s two-pane command console where you can type just about anything and in turn see your desired outcome. Alternatively you can also click Ferro’s button at the top, but since the extension is meant for keyboard junkies, who would want to do that?


The developer of Ferro has provided step-by-step instructions on the page and it takes less than a minute to completely understand how it really works. You can execute many types of actions from the command console, such as opening or deleting a bookmark, disabling an extension, opening a new webpage, and pinning a tab, to name a few. For example, if you want to jump to an open AddictiveTips page, simply type a few letters related to the query (such as addic) and Ferro will display indexed results from your open tabs, saved sessions, bookmarks, history, installed apps and extensions etc.

Command (1)

The full list of supported commands is available at the developer’s page, which comprise of Add, Close, Disable, Extract, Kill All, Open, Pin, among many others.  All you have to do is type the command and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select from the available choices, followed by hitting the Enter key. For instance, if you require to remove an extensions, just type Uninstall, highlight the extension you wish to remove and press Enter.

Certain browser actions can also be easily accomplished via hotkeys like opening or closing the Ferro console, duplicate tab, repeat last command and toggle pinning for the current tab. You can modify the default hotkeys with custom ones of your choice by heading to the Extensions page.


All in all, it’s a brilliant extension for those who like to use their keyboard to access and execute browser related features. You can install it from the link provided below.

Download Ferro

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