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If you love creating short films, and have a interest in the film industry, then Wreck A Movie is a web app that can help you unleash your creative potential, making production much simpler and easy for everyone. This service basically blends the internet community and the film industry, allowing you to collaboratively produce high-quality audiovisual productions that include short films, full-length films, documentaries, music videos etc. Once you’ve created something, Wreck A Movie will take your work to screens and theatre.

Once you’ve added your production, you can build a community and ask members for ideas and help. This makes the whole film-making process more interactive and collaborative. Wreck A Movie features a slick interface, with the homepage containing Productions, Tasks, Activity and People. Starting up is very simple, as you can easily create a profile using your Facebook account or just register if you don’t have one. You can edit your profile, read your messages and see the dashboard. In addition to that, you can also add your own productions or join others.


The Productions category consists of Most Active, Recent Productions, Most Members and Completed options. You can access these to view various types of films. Just click Add Your Own Production displayed at the top of the page to start the film-making process.


Furthermore, you can view the latest activity of members and view all Wreckers by clicking the People option. Members can also give shots and comments on other featured artists and works.

latest activity

Then there are Tasks. These are jobs the film maker asks the community to help with. Here, you will be able to find the most Active Tasks and filter them according to Wreckupations, which are different occupations of members.


Wreck A Movie allows artists to produce high-quality films at affordable costs. Furthermore, it lets the audience be a part of the production team from the beginning to the very end. The web app holds promise, and we firmly believe that it will progress even more in near future. Visit the link provided below and give it a shot.

Visit Wreck A Movie

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