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Nokia launched its first ever series of Windows Phone 7 devices just a few days ago. There are many other manufacturers currently making Mango phones and many of those phones have got better specs compared to Nokia’s new Lumia series (like the HTC Titan), so what makes the Lumia series so special? The sole reason is that Nokia has been granted the rights to make alterations to Microsoft’s mobile platform and customize it any way they want. Even though Nokia didn’t make any significant additions to their Mango firmware, there are a few native apps which are extremely useful but are slated to be Lumia exclusive, but not if the XDA community can help it. An avid WP7 user over at the XDA forums has released XAP files for Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Nokia Drive, which any WP7 user can install as long as their device is developer unlocked.

Nokia Maps Windows Phone Mango

The apps are free in the Nokia Marketplace section, of course, but if you don’t have a Lumia 700 or 800, it will show as incompatible. However, if you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone 7 device, you can side-load the aforementioned XAP files using our guide to flashing XAP files to WP7 devices. Alternatively, you can input the Marketplace link of the apps in TOM XAP Installer to get the apps flashed to your phone. The files have not been altered or hacked in any way. Some XDA-Developers forum members simply used an (apparently “easy”) workaround to get a hold of the apps and shared the extracted XAP files with the rest of the forum.

Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive (the alternatives to which cost a pretty significant amount) can be used to view offline maps, get navigational help and discover places in near your current location. Nokia Music handles all aspects of buying music from your handset and keeping track of everything you are listening to from your phone’s library. The Music app comes with a huge and free music collection too.

You can find the direct links for the XAP files at the XDA forum’s Nokia thread. To find out more about the Music app, head on over to the source link provided below. It must be noted that as these apps will be side-loaded, no official updates will be supported for them.

[via SmartphoneGurus]

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