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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss how to bring Chrome’s original new tab page back, a new music-streaming app and Feedly client for Windows Phone, and a new screen recorder app for Android, among other excellent apps and tips.

Restore Google Chrome’s Original New Tab Page With This Tweak

New Tab - Google Chrome Restored

Google Chrome recently introduced a new New Tab page layout in which Google’s logo and a search bar take center-stage, leaving only “Most visited” websites at the bottom while removing access to “Apps” and “Recently closed” sections. If you, like me, miss the old layout, it only takes a few easy clicks to get it right back.

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Remotely Ring, Wipe & Lock Your Phone Or Tablet With Android Device Manager


There are dozens of apps for remotely locking, wiping and ringing Android devices, but they almost universally require you to install the app first. Google’s Android Device Manager allows you to perform the same tasks, but without installing the app on the device beforehand – meaning you can remotely work your device even after it has been stolen.

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Ways To Quickly Delete Gmail Messages In iOS 7 Mail App

iOS 7 Discarded Settings  iOS 7 TRash  iOS 7 Bulk Delete

By default, the stock Mail app in iOS 7 displays an ‘Archive’ option for emails instead of ‘Trash’. If you don’t want older mails to clutter your search results, you can easily change the default option to ‘Trash’. In the article linked below, we discuss this as well as the quickest way to delete mails without having to change the default setting.

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How To Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With iCloud On Windows

iCloud Bookmark Service

I use Chrome as my primary browser on my iPhone because of the excellent syncing between Chrome for iOS and Desktop. Now, though, I may just switch back to Safari as there is a way to sync Chrome (and Firefox) bookmarks with iCloud so you can use them in Mobile Safari, which is faster – and arguably prettier – than Chrome for iOS.

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Stream Mood-Based Music On Windows Phone 8 With Songza

Songza WP8 Mood  Songza WP8 Home  Songza WP8 Style

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. Windows Phone is slowly but surely getting major apps onboard. The latest is mood-based music streaming service Songza. Their Windows Phone app comes with the same set of features, and looks great in Modern UI.

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Framaroot Offers One-Click Root For Countless Android Devices

Farmaroot-device-exploit-select  Farmaroot-device-exploit-successful

Compared to jailbreaking iOS devices, rooting is a more difficult job because of the sheer amount of Android devices and tablets out there. Framaroot mitigates this issue to a certain extent, as all it takes is a tap from within the Android app to root your device (provided it is supported; the list is growing rapidly). It doesn’t even require you to connect the device to your PC!

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Mini Tasker Is A Free Task Automation Alternative To Tasker For Android

Mini Tasker  New Action

Easy task automation is one of Android’s strongest features. Tasker is the most popular app for that purpose, but there’s a new alternative available now. It’s called “Mini Tasker”, it is free, and does cover most of the things you would want in an automator.

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Faceless.ME Is A VPN App For Windows With 2GB Free Monthly Bandwidth

Faceless.me dashboard

The VPN market has been revitalized thanks to Edward Snowden making NSA and CIA’s surveillance programs. I prefer paying for my VPN services, but if you don’t, you can always try out free ones like Spotflux, HotSpot Shield and, recently discovered, Faceless.ME, which comes with 2GB of free monthly bandwidth.

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Tresorit Is A Free 5GB Cloud Storage & Syncing Service With Focus On Security

Tresorit Windows

Continuing the trend of security conscious apps, Tresorit is a cloud-syncing and storage service for Windows, OS X, Android & iOS – much like Dropbox – but with a stronger focus on security. It offers client-side encryption, meaning all your data is secured on your computer before being uploaded to the cloud, so Tresorit can’t read your data even if they wanted to.

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Record Screen Activity With Ease On Android Using SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder 1  SCR Screen Recorder 3

If you’re an app reviewer, recording and sharing screencasts is often a fundamental part of the reviewing process. We’ve discussed ScreenCast & Recorder, and now we’ve come across an alternative called SCR Screen Recorder, which has a better looking UI, and a more powerful set of features.

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Gliffy Diagrams Is A Full-Featured Chrome Desktop App For Diagramming


Google recently introduced “Packaged Chrome Apps” – full-fledged desktop apps that run on top of Chrome (albeit without requiring it to be running in the background). I’ve been using Pocket, TweetDeck and Any.DO quite a lot, but there’s plenty more. Gliffy Diagrams, for example, is a respectable diagramming tool that will come in handy for students and professionals in the science and engineering field.

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Get Customizable Chat Heads-Like Notifications For Incoming Calls In Select Android Apps With Call Popout


Facebook’s Chat Heads UI concept has inspired countless other apps and tweaks. We covered CallHeads sometime ago, which showed incoming call notifications without, you know, taking over the entire display as Android does by default. Call Popout builds extra features on top of CallHeads, such as the ability to change how the Heads look, and select specific apps in case you want to receive calls the traditional way in the rest.

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Phonly Is A Great Free Feedly Client For Windows Phone 8

Phonly WP8 Today  Phonly WP8 Feed  Phonly WP8 Article

Feedly has replaced Google Reader as the premier RSS reader. There are apps available for iOS, Android and the web, but as usual, Windows Phone is a little behind.  Phonly is an unofficial, full-featured Feedly client that aims to change that.

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