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Google Play Music is great not just as a music store and discovery tool, but also for uploading up to 20,000 of your songs for free, and listening to them from any of your devices, be it computers, tablets or smartphones. With a subscription, the service also turns into an online radio, complete with playlists generated based on songs, albums or genres. While the mobile apps of the service are great, one caveat about it has been its browser interface. It’s not particularly bad in design or functionality, but there’s nothing really special about it either; it’s just mediocre. So, how about an extension that revamps it into something not only much more beautiful, but also much more functional? Panel View for Play Music does just that, and does it remarkably well. As its name suggests, this Chrome extension puts the Google Play Music into web interface into a separate panel for you and in addition, customizes it with custom CSS to behave like a well-designed music app.

Upon installation, the extension places its icon next to the URL bar, tapping which launches Play Music in a new panel window. If you are already signed in with your Google account in your browser, the service will open directly; otherwise, you will need to sign in using your Google account credentials.

Panel View for Play Music 1  Panel View for Play Music 2

You’ll immediately notice the enhanced UI, and it’s hard to not be impressed here. You can still access all features of the service, and in a more convenient and intuitive manner. All the menus are there with the music cards and can be accessed by tapping the three vertical dots button that shows up at the top-right corner of the card when you hover your mouse cursor over it. The main menu can be accessed from the same button in the top bar, while the sidebar lets you quickly navigate between the different sections of the service.

Panel View for Play Music 3  Panel View for Play Music 4

The player view also look great, offering all the controls you would expect from a music app, laid out neatly below the playlist view.

To sum it up, Panel View for Play Music does a great job of improving your Google Play Music experience on the web, bringing it closer to that offered by the service’s mobile app. You can grab the extension for free via the link provided below.

Install Panel View for Play Music from Chrome Web Store

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